Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sites for students

This is a number of years to late for me, but notecentric is something I could have definitely seen as coming handy back when I was in school. You have to beware that people may not always capture everything accurately, but this would have been a big help for maintianing my own notes and to see what other people captured and what their perspectives were. Definitely could have been a useful tool to me, and I suspect is for current students.

Got an account and went in and played around in zoho. This (and openoffice) are nice sites to know about. I've never wanted to pay for microsoft office suite, but do from time to time want to do things with some of the tools (particularly excel), so its nice to know that there are some free tools like this out there. The zoho tools/applications are very similar to the microsoft products, so if you are familiar with those the tools in zoho should be easy to use.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Really enjoyed signing up for twitter, not. I like how it insinuated that I was not popular because it was able to load so quickly, and then went on to tell me that I had no friends. It was just like being the new kid in school again!


Not to be too much of an antagonist, but I'm getting really tired of hearing about 'social networking', it has become too much of a buzz word. I fear like most buzz word type topics people will spend more time using the term as if simply saying it enough will somehow help, rather than actually figuring out what, if any, aspects of it actually provide real benefit to a particular organization or task. As always I'm sure there can be good uses for these types of tools (like facebook), but only if implemented with a lot of thought and effort, and with continual effort put into their application and upkeep.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


While you cant always count on the information in wikis to be 100% correct, the can be a good place to start researching something if you want some quick insights. I'm not sure what a good use for wiki's might be at KRL, but perhaps a good way to post "How To's / Procedures to follow" for a variety of commonly performed tasks for each position at KRL. That way people (new employees in particular) would have a quick easy place to search for help on common tasks. Just a thought.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Like most forms of media or communication it consists of random sound/videobytes that can be both informative and entertaining, yet just as easily taken out of context as they often are just sound/video bytes that don't tell the whole story. Still, lots of items of interest, and particularly enjoyed viewing some of the darwin awards.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Seems like it could be a useful tool for helping with readers advisory and such, but I don't think I'm an avid enough reader to make playing around in a site like this time worth spending. Having said that, I did however find a book that I'd like to read while playing in the site, so perhaps it was more beneficial to me than I want to admit.


I don't see myself ever posting pictures, but it was interesting to be able to search on the map and pull up some recent fall pictures of a place I've been hiking in the blue ridge mountains in Virginia. Since I couldn't go there myself it was nice to be able to get a glimpse at the scenery through someone elses photos.